(a) the registered owner of the design whose material has been made available; and The Designs Act 2003, introduced on June 23, 2004 to make the registered design system more attractive to Australian designers. In the last twelve years since the legislation was passed, applications for registered designs of foreign applicants have increased, but overall they have declined only slowly compared to Australian applicants. (a) any person entitled to the design or registered owner of the design, as required by the case; and (i) the application has been amended to exclude one or more designs; Unless one of the other registered owners notifies the clerk, in writing and within the time frame provided by the rules, that the other registered owner does not accept the transfer. A design record means you can record the look of your product. It gives you an exclusive right to your design for a limited time. Designs can be saved to protect the appearance of your product, part of your product or even a small detail. Your product can be functional, such as a mobile phone, drill or toothbrush, or something more decorative like a vase or jewelry. 1. The holder of a registered design may bring an action against another person who claims that the person has violated the registered design. (d) none of the designs were registered in the original application or were published in Section 57; 3. The registered owner of the design may require the clerk to change the registry to remove the grounds for revocation. 3. Shares related to a registered design may be taxed against the registered owner, unless a buyer is in good faith on the value.

(a) issue a new registration certificate to the registered owner of the design; the application is entered into the international register and published as soon as the formal review is completed and any objections to the formalities have been considered. The publication is carried out electronically on WIPO`s website in the International Designs Bulletin, which is published weekly. Publication usually takes place six months after registration (to take into account the fact that national law is often similarly delayed to avoid the immediate publication of the designs).