9.2. The customer acknowledges that the company must not record conversations for technical reasons. The company reserves the right to destroy records at its sole discretion, in accordance with the company`s usual practice, and the customer understands that he should not rely on the availability of such records. Trade agreements, any contractual agreement between states on their trade relations. Trade agreements can be bilateral or multilateral, i.e. between two states or more than two states. In light of the entity`s agreement to open and maintain one or more accounts receivable (hereafter referred to as the “account”) and the agreement to provide the customer with services relating to over-the-counter product transactions that can be purchased or sold by the company on behalf of the customer, the customer agrees: Credit institutions cooperate with a large number of companies in the financial sector. to send and receive credit report information. Trade agreements regulate the information disclosed, the intervals for which information flows and the various technological systems used. 6.

You understand that all orders you have entered electronically are based on your investment decisions and are not solicited and their sole liability, and you will not keep or retain the broker or any of its senior executives, directors, employees, agents, subsidiaries or affiliates that will be held responsible for any business or other losses you will suffer. You understand that entering an order from the broker, including market orders, does not guarantee the execution of the order (for example. B technical errors, unmatched reservations, etc.), and you accept that the broker is not responsible for orders that are not executed. You understand that the broker has the right to break any transaction executed on the basis that, according to the broker, it was “clearly false”. The broker is not considered an order that you sent electronically until we become aware of such an order. If you make a cancellation request, the cancellation of this order is not guaranteed. Your order will only be cancelled if your request is received in the marketplace and matches your order before your order is executed. During market hours, it is rarely possible to cancel your market order, as market orders are immediately executed (cancellations) cannot take place during pre-opening from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.). Don`t assume that an order has been executed or cancelled until you have received a transaction confirmation from the broker via email or on the website. Note that the broker occasionally receives late reports from the stock exchange that report the status of the transactions. As a result, you may be subject to late reports of orders that have not been notified to you before or that have been reported to you as having expired, cancelled or executed.

In addition, all reporting or booking errors, including execution pricing errors, are corrected to reflect what actually happened in the market. Swaps are an example of a fourth market exchange instrument that requires a detailed trade agreement. Swaps are a form of derivative contracts that allows financial institutions to manage interest rate risk by purchasing installment payment contracts based on interest rate differences. In a swap contract, a financial institution acts a variable rate for a fixed interest rate or vice versa. A commercial partnership agreement would detail the contractual terms, including the date of the month in which payments are due, calculations for achieving interest rate differentials and the overall duration of the swap agreement.